Founder and CEO of MedShr, an application that allows health professionals throughout the world to share their expertise in real time, Dr Asif Qasim is first and foremost a consultant cardiologist in London. His experience, training and research have taught him that the most effective way to improve upon cardiovascular care and medical care in general is to connect doctors across the globe.

MedShr stemmed from a previous project, a similar network exclusively for cardiologists, known as that was funded in part by a Department of Trade and Industry Research and Development grant. The success of the platform, which now has over 1,500 members, led Dr Asif Qasim to team up with an experienced advisory team in order to expand his service to all medical specialists worldwide. By providing a platform that allows health care workers to view and discuss cases online, Dr Qasim is actively contributing to the advancement of international medical care.

Asif Qasim

As Clinical Director of Croydon University Hospital, Dr Asif Qasim has been involved in all aspects of General and Interventional Cardiology from clinical interventions to staff management. Efforts to improve conditions for both patients and members of staff have been met with success and have resulted in the opening of the Croydon Heart Centre in 2011, with the final phase due for completion in 2015, improved patient experience, reduced waiting times for patients, and the completion of two NHS Improvement National Priority Projects.

On top of his managerial responsibilities, Dr Asif Qasim is also an NHS consultant at Croydon University Hospital and King’s College Hospital in London. He provides private cardiology care for patients in central London and Croydon, assessing and investigating patients presenting symptoms that suggest heart disease as well as high blood pressure, palpitations and heart rhythm conditions. A tennis player in his free time, one of his specialties is athlete cardiac risk assessment and sports cardiology.

Dr Asif Qasim is active in research and this has earned him a number awards during his career. He regularly participates in international scientific conferences, presenting cases or results, and teaching about new techniques and devices. Following his specialist training in the UK, he spent a year in Milan to focus on research and developing new techniques as part of a prestigious Interventional Cardiology fellowship.

Almost 20 years after receiving his MB at the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine (later returning to complete a PhD program), Dr Asif Qasim remains a committed and enthusiastic teacher himself, sharing his expertise and knowledge with undergraduate med students, junior doctors, nursing staff and all grades of cardiology staff.

Parallel to his professional obligations, Dr Qasim is also involved in a number of charities, such as the British Heart Foundation, NSPCC and the Motor Neuron Disease Association.